This page contains support materials to help you with working in AIMSweb.


Strategic Monitoring: Entering Students and Scores
Creating a group of students to strategic monitor and entering their scores.
Strategic monitoring data is collected for students who have a PEP. This data is collected one time per month to analyze the students' response to interventions.

Progress Monitoring: Creating a Student Schedule
Entering the area a student will be progress monitored in and setting the goal to create the progress monitoring schedule.
Progress Monitoring data is collected on individual students to determine the response to an intervention.

Progress Monitoring: Entering Students Scores
Enter progress monitoring results to create the data graph in order to determine the response to intervention.

Downloading Progress Monitoring Probes
These probes can be used for both strategic and progress monitoring.

Goal Setting
Description of using the results from AIMSweb assessments to create student goals.

Goal Setting Formula
The formula for using ROI (Rate of Improvement) to set goals

Using the Data
Review reports on your students in order to use the data.

Aggregate Norm Table
This table is used to help set your goals.

Comprehensive Assessment Plan
This plan will help provide guidance in regards to various types of assessments.

Ambitious Growth Rates
This table provides the ambitious growth rates for reading and math for grades K-5
Targets for Winter and Spring

Report Overview
A short PowerPoint that gives an overview of the reports.

Report Overview
Description of all the reports.

Comparison Methods
This sheet will shows you the steps to take to compare your students to your school, district, the state, as well as to national norms.